Documents Required for the Office Appointment:
In order to prepare a consumer bankruptcy case, the client must bring the following documents:

  2. PAY STUBS for the last six months. We also need:
    1. current monthly pay stub; and
    2. commission, pension, worker's comp, unemployment, disability, and other income for the last 2 years.

    Note: For the "means test" we need complete information for the last 6 months, including income from support, social security, pension or other sources (such as someone paying your living expenses or roommates). Bring documentation showing all household income, including records of any bonuses, commissions, or special payments you have received in the last 6 months.

  3. IF SELF-EMPLOYED - We need 6 separate monthly profit and loss statements and the bank statements for those 6 months to support the P&Ls.
  4. INCOME TAX RETURNS and W2 FORMS for previous 4 YEARS , if available.
  5. IF YOU OWN REAL ESTATE or your name is on the property, bring the following:
    1. An appraisal report , if appraised in the last 90 days, or a broker's price opinion letter or marketing proposal ;
    2. Deed showing how title to the property is currently held
    3. All trust deeds [recorded copies] or land sale contracts;
    4. Most recent billing statement for each loan showing the balance owed;
    5. Insurance - the declarations page showing the insurance policy limits; and
    6. If you refinanced or sold in last 2 years - the escrow closing statement.
  6. FOR ALL MOTOR VEHICLES or WATERCRAFT owned or in your name:
    1. DMV registration for each vehicle or boat;
    2. Vehicle purchase or lease agreement if purchased in the last 120 days;
    3. Most recent billing statement or printout showing the loan payoff balance; and
    4. Insurance - the declarations pages showing the insurance policy limits .
  7. HOUSEHOLD BUDGET of your monthly household living expenses. The budget is used to analyze your financial situation and determine if you qualify for chapter 7 or 13. A form is available for you by clicking this underlined sentence or going to the "Client Forms" button above.
  8. BANK STATEMENTS FOR PAST 3 MONTHS for your checking and savings or credit union accounts and statement for all 401K, IRA or other retirement plans. Also include the closing statement from any accounts or C/Ds you have closed in the past year.
  9. DIVORCE - property settlement agreement and order approving the agreement.
  10. SUPPORT ORDERS - any child or spousal support orders and the name and address of the person receiving the support.
  11. PREMARITAL or POST-NUPTIAL property agreements.
  12. TRUST DOCUMENTS if you created a trust or are the trustee or beneficiary of a trust.
  13. CIVIL LAWSUITS - any complaint you filed or filed against you as well as judgments.
  14. MEDICAL / PRIVATE DEBT INFORMATION, including name, address, and amount owed, for doctors, private loans, judgments, and debts not on your credit report.

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