Our law office represents both corporations and individuals in business transactions.  Most of our clients are successful closely held businesses.  

Starting a business can be overwhelming; there are many choices to make.  A business attorney can help steer you down the proper path and help form a business that best suits your interests.  We have experience in presenting clients with the options for business formation and help clients implement the business choice that will best achieve their interests and goals.

The Law Office of Mary Cavanagh, in San Marcos, California, was established in 1989 to serve the transactional and counselling needs of business people, businesses and sophisticated individuals, primarily in the North San Diego region. The practice includes business counselling and transactional work, the remainder being real estate transactions. The Law Office of Mary Cavanagh handles matters including:

    * Business Formation

    * Business Transactions

    * Real Estate Transactions

It is essential for a successful business to have a trusting long-term relationship with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.  Having superior legal advice and accurate execution of business transactions can distinguish a profitable venture from a failing one.  Mary is a California business lawyer who can provide this superior legal advice from incorporation to dissolution and any business issue in between.  Our law office represents closely held businesses and offers personal attention and service.  Our firm has extensive experience in counselling clients regarding initial business formation, drafting business agreements, business purchases and sales, residential and commercial leases, and executing business contracts.  Whether you are considering starting a new business, entering into new business agreements, or purchasing or selling an existing business, having a business lawyer that understands you and your business’s needs and goals is crucial.

Additionally, our law office has extensive experience in handling real estate transactions.  The importance of having an attorney focused on your interests when purchasing or selling real estate cannot be understated.  Whether your property is residential or commercial, an attorney can guide you through the signing of leases or the purchase and sale of your property.

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